12 Years since “Rose”

rose-eccleston-200512 years ago today a whole new generation were introduced to the Doctor, the TARDIS and Rose Tyler. Returning for a full series for the first time in almost 16 years, Rose was watched by 10.81million viewers and proved that Doctor Who still had that amazing appeal it had at the height of it’s popularity.

Russell T. Davies crafted a new version of the show, now weaving in the life of the companion into the story, and this new approached resonated extremely well with audiences. I remember I was absolutely obsessed with this episode when I first saw it (didn’t catch it until 2006 unfortunately), as it just had the right balance of normality and distinctly British sci-fi features to keep me hooked. The episode doesn’t have that epic scale a lot of premieres have by today’s standards, but it had exactly what the show NEEDED to get things going again. Thanks to Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper, Julie Gardner, Phil Collinson and Russell T. Davies for bringing Doctor Who back to life. My life certainly wouldn’t be the same without it. It really was the trip of a lifetime.


Author: The Whovian Diet

Huge Doctor Who and TV fan, recently have found myself big into shows like The X Files and Twin Peaks too.

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