How Twelve Should Leave

134195.fd380b0e-37f7-4191-9d60-1c738f5a5c6dPeter Capaldi’s portrayal of the Doctor has been one of my all time favourite in the shows history. Then again I love every single actor who has played the role. With his final episode looming, we need to stop and take into consideration how the end of his (and Moffat’s) era might come about. Earlier today, we got the release of another epic Series 10 trailer, which ended with quite a jaw dropping clip of Twelve beginning to regenerate. This only fuels the rumours that he will be leaving at the end of Series 10 rather than the Christmas special. I’m going to offer my thoughts on how I think Capaldi should bow out of Doctor Who in 2017.

I don’t want to see him regenerate.

There I said it! Plain and simple, I would love for his era to end with no regeneration. Now there could be any reason for him to start regenerating as seen in the trailer. It could be another situation like The Stolen Earth, or the Doctor could be using his regeneration energy for other purposes like in The Angels Take Manhattan or The Witch’s Familiar. Now, I think perhaps kickstarting the process in the series finale and continuing to the concluding moments of the Christmas special could be a cool way to do it. This would be very reminscent of Logopolis, where the end of Four’s life basically began when the Watcher first appeared. I like this idea…

clara-and-the-doctorBut a part of me does not want to see Capaldi regenerate. My feelings towards this stem back to 2013 when Matt Smith left. On June 1st 2013, the Eleventh Doctor announced that he was stepping down from the role and I couldn’t help but feel that he had picked the worst time to do it. Personally, while Series 7 was not the most creative when it came to it’s episodes, it felt like the first year that Matt Smith fully got a grasp of the role (to me anyways) and it felt like he really owned it. By the end of Series 7 it truly felt like he had so much more to give and that we would definitely get another series out fo him. And then he says he’s stepping down and we now only have two more episodes with him. The Time of the Doctor felt as though an entire season worth of storyline was crammed into one episode, and I felt nothing but disappointment at how Smith’s era had been cut short behind all my tears.

Now we’re on to Capaldi. Obviously, I haven’t seen Series 10 yet so I can’t say that by the end it won’t feel like his era is complete. But it certainly seems like another situation with Smith. January 2017 the actor announces he will no longer be the Doctor when Chris Chibnall takes over as showrunner, and I couldn’t help but think that history was repeating itself. Again, another actor cuts his time short. And what’s even worse is Twelve still feels like a new Doctor, with so much territory left to explore. The only Doctor of the modern era to have a complete arc that didn’t feel rushed was Ten. Like I said, maybe after Series 10 we could say it was the perfect time for him to regenerate but currently it feels like Twelve has only just got going and now we have to say goodbye to him.

Which is why I don’t want him to regenerate at the end of the Christmas Special. Let me start off by saying I am a huge fan of Big Finish, in particular I love what they have done with the Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Doctors because there was so much gaps in their timeline that could be explored. Five is the unfortunate one on Big Finish because there was never a gap in his era where he was without a companion so there’s nothing new they can do with him. Getting to my point, I think if Twelve doesn’t regenerate at Christmas it could leave the Doctor open for endless possibilities for Big Finish.

Imagine this, we get an epic action packed story along the lines of The End of Time, whereregen the Doctor comes out on top and saves the universe from whatever deadly evil is threatening it. It would be a real fist pump moment seeing the Doctor save the day and truly cement Twelve as the hero we all want him to be. Every regeneration story has the Doctor save the day but then die in the process, so even though he wins, he also loses. Let his last story just feature a win. Have the Doctor step inside his TARDIS at the end of Capaldi’s final episode and fly off into time and space and end the episode there.

Now before I get bombarded with “YOU’RE WRONG!” comments let me just say I know d6d9f16d471006339dc6b2ba81bebbb4how much of a big deal a regeneration story is, it’s a huge ratings draw for the BBC. But think of the endless possiblities for Chibnall too. If they really want to reboot the show in 2018 then this could be the perfect way to do it. End one series with Capaldi, no regeneration, and just start the next series with a new Doctor. It could be 2005 all over again, we wouldn’t know how much time had passed for the Doctor, or even how many regenerations. It would add a layer of mystery back to the character again and could open many new storytelling avenues.

I know I won’t get my way. Twelve will probably die at the hands of the Daleks, Weeping Angels or Rassilon, although the most worthy one would be Missy. But to me, I don’t want to see him die. I just don’t. He’s only just getting started, and to end with no regeneration would be a bold move. I can only dream!

If you haven’t seen the latest trailer please check it. Like and share this post too. Thanks for reading! Love you long time!


Author: The Whovian Diet

Huge Doctor Who and TV fan, recently have found myself big into shows like The X Files and Twin Peaks too.

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