Top Five Best WhoTubers

Who’s the Best?


The YouTube community is filled with so many different types of content creators, such as vloggers, sketch comedians, reviewers and musicians but one of my favourite type of creators is the WhoTuber. Not really much of a surprise, is there? Obviously WhoTubers are people whose channels are solely geared towards bringing viewers brand new Doctor Who or Whoniverse content on a regular basis. Here, in my opinion, are my top five personal favourite WhoTubers.


The only officially licensed show on this list, at first I wasn’t the biggest fan of the fan show but quickly learned to love Christel fromĀ Five Who Fans and her fun and plucky way of presenting, which often borders on a bit cheeky from time to time. Christel’s banter with co-host Luke is also a joy to watch and it’s great to see how the show has grown since it first appeared a few years ago. They regularly post some good 3-5 minute long videos which make for good viewing, and their review episodes for new Doctor Who episodes are also a highlight of the week, because even though they are produced by the Doctor Who YouTube channel, they’re not afraid to offer some constructive criticisms about episodes. I also have a personal tie to the channel because I appeared in the Sleep No More review episode and got to meet Christel and Luke afterwards.


AKA Ben Lett. AKA The Ginger Cloud. Unlike the fan show, Ben’s videos are usually a bit longer in length, but he offers some great, in depth thoughts on new content and is the best reviewer for Big Finish releases. He has great wit and a dry sense of humour, but it’s hard not to enjoy his videos as he talks about Doctor Who with his cup of tea in his hand (because some times the T can be scalding in his reviews!), grandma style! His passion for Jago & Litefoot continues to inspire me each day to save money to listen this… The cash never stays saved unfortunately. It’s also great to see someone who is so passionate about the Sixth Doctor and seeing him get to meet Colin Baker in his Quest Series was fantastic. You gotta love this guy!


This guy probably has the best grasp of YouTube out of every one this list. He has a great onscreen presence and offers up some good bite sized, snappily edit videos on a regular basis. He also just seems like a cool dude. This handsome WhoTuber kicks off every video with “Hola Amigos” which immediately puts me in a better mood and you always know you’re going to get some good, lighthearted Doctor Who content from him, yet he keeps it interesting to watch every time. Check him, he’s worth it.


There was a tough battle between this one and our top entry for the number 1 spot. Either way I love both. Here we have EpicWho, hosted by Tom Dix, and this guys love and passion for the show can be felt so much throughout his videos. Even when he went through his Doctor Who existential crisis last year, you could just tell that it was because of how much he loved the show. The channel also has other contributors from time to time, my favourite being Leah. Since 2016, Tom has also run WhoPride with GallifreyArchive which is going to be one of the highlights of the channel this year. The video below features Beth and Leah, and is my personal favourite the channel has ever done.

And for a video featuring Tom, here we are:

And finally, my personal pick for the best WhoTubers out there are…

Author: The Whovian Diet

Huge Doctor Who and TV fan, recently have found myself big into shows like The X Files and Twin Peaks too.

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