Top Five Best WhoTubers

Who’s the Best?



Previously known as Who Addict Reviews, this channel is one of my absolute favourites on YouTube. Originally hosted by James and Matthew, the team soon expanded, adding the loveable Liv to the group. They’re often accused of being negative, but I see it more as passionate. They are so passionate about Doctor Who that what should be just a minor bit of distaste towards Hell Bent helped to create hours of content for their channel and also hilariously provided us with footage of James screaming “MOFFAT!!!”. And the thing about these guys too… their videos are LONG! You really have to be a fan to sit through videos that can often be over an hour in length, but it’s absolutely worth it! They also regularly collaborate with other WhoTubers, in particular The Host Productions, which adds a real sense of community.

They have some amazing regular videos, from Matthew and Liv’s Retro Reviews to some fantastic discussion videos from James. These three continue to bring quality content to their loyal following. And they are always actively engaging with their audience too – be it through live Facebook videos, their twitter account or on Snapchat. James posts the most on Snapchat and it’s always great to hear his instant thoughts on brand new Doctor Who news. This is a channel that cares about its viewers but most importantly, they really care about Doctor Who. I love these guys so much, and their passion for Doctor Who is part of what helped to keep the show alive for me in 2016.

Apologies to anyone who didn’t make the list, I more than likely don’t watch your channel, but know that you are also amazing! If you’ve never seen any of these channels I’ve mentioned then please check them out, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks so much everyone for reading. Love you long time!

Author: The Whovian Diet

Huge Doctor Who and TV fan, recently have found myself big into shows like The X Files and Twin Peaks too.

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