Patrick Ness LEAVES Class


So earlier, novelist and creator of Class, Patrick Ness announced on his Twitter account that he would be writing no more episodes of the show. This really is a shame because I thoroughly enjoyed the show when it premiered last year and after the amazing finale I really hoped that the show would continue but now that he’s stepping down it really is putting the future of Class into doubt. For anyone who didn’t know Class follows the lives of six students of Coal Hill Academy, a staple of the Whoniverse since the very first episode in 1963. When the Shadow King Corakinus followed aliens Charlie and Miss Quill through a tear in reality, the Doctor tasked them, along with their classmates Tanya, Ram, Matteusz and April, to guard the school in his absence and ensure nothing bad happens.

A bit irresponsible of the Doctor to be honest but we can move past it because the show was amazing. That finale was the best end to a series we had seen in a long time as a lot of the most recent Who seasons have ended on a very disappointing note. Ness developed the story and the characters so well and everything that happened in the end felt like it was earned. And then it also ended on TWO major cliffhangers.

Earlier this year it was reported that the BBC were set to cancel Class after only one series, but following the amount of support it’s received from BBC America and fans abroad things were starting to look positive, but now that Ness has stepped down this could mean that we’ll never actually know what happened to the gang after THAT ending, or if the Governors would succeed with their plan.

p04fy8z7In his tweets Ness was quick to point out the lack of support the show received from the BBC in the UK, especially with the scheduling it received when it was finally aired on BBC One earlier this year. Even I thought it was ridiculous to put it on at such a late time. It just felt like the BBC didn’t really care for it at all. This show had received much acclaim from critics and those who viewed it on BBC Three (or elsewhere like me). It had been praised for being something fresh in the Doctor Who universe, a franchise which many felt was getting stale at the time. I guess we’ll never know why Class didn’t get as much support as The Sarah Jane Adventures or Torchwood, but at least it got further than K-9 and Company did.

The real question now is – will there be more Class? Who will replace Ness? Will it be another series with a solo writer or will it change to a team of writers more like the other shows in the Whoniverse? We’ll just have to wait and see but going off how consistently good Class was, a solo writer didn’t do it any harm. Hopefully the BBC will do the right thing and give the show another chance, especially since BBC America and fans abroad love it. Let’s keep Class alive and if it’s cancelled then this writer will be PISSED! The below gif would perfectly sum me up.



Author: The Whovian Diet

Huge Doctor Who and TV fan, recently have found myself big into shows like The X Files and Twin Peaks too.

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