Patrick Ness LEAVES Class


So earlier, novelist and creator of Class, Patrick Ness announced on his Twitter account that he would be writing no more episodes of the show. This really is a shame because I thoroughly enjoyed the show when it premiered last year and after the amazing finale I really hoped that the show would continue but now that he’s stepping down it really is putting the future of Class into doubt.  Continue reading “Patrick Ness LEAVES Class”

Doctor Who SERIES 10 Episode 6 – Extremis REVIEW


The tenth season of the post 2005 Doctor Who continues with another experimental episode by Steven Moffat, and I must admit it’s one of his best. After a string of back to basics episodes of Doctor Who that felt very much like a good reboot, this one is far more complex and deserves to be so now that viewers are eased back in and Bill has finally been fully established as a presence on the show. Read on for my review of “Extremis”  Continue reading “Doctor Who SERIES 10 Episode 6 – Extremis REVIEW”

Doctor Who SERIES 10 Episode 5 – Oxygen REVIEW


I might as well start this review by saying I absolutely loved this episode. My favourite episode of series 10 so far and proves to me once again why Jamie Mathieson is one of my favourite writers for New Who (along with Sarah Dollard, Toby Whithouse and Peter Harness). This is also one of my favourite Capaldi episodes that’s been written so, to conclude, it’s getting a perfect score! If you want to find out why I loved it so much then read on!  Continue reading “Doctor Who SERIES 10 Episode 5 – Oxygen REVIEW”

What does Steven Moffat have left to prove in Season Ten?

A really good interesting read from Talking TARDIS. Everyone should definitely read this.


The long-awaited tenth season of Doctor Who is just over seven weeks away. Recently, all of Doctor Who fans’ attention has been focused on Peter Capaldi, after the Scot announced the upcoming season would be his last as the Doctor. But what has long-term head writer and executive producer Steven Moffat got left to prove? As we enter his sixth season and final season as show runner, I look to see what could make and what could break the legacy that Moffat will leave behind.

By the time Steven Moffat hangs up his pen (or keyboard) at the end of the year, he will have overseen the tenure of two Doctors, as well as introducing us to the War Doctor, and giving Paul McGann a deserved regeneration scene. Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi each will have served under Steven Moffat for more or less the same amount of time. Three seasons…

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Michelle Gomez Stand-Up

Okay, I’ll just make it clear right here, I absolutely adore Michelle Gomez and I could watch her as Missy every day. I found this great video of Michelle Gomez performing stand-up at The Comedy Store, and it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen all day. If you want a laugh, give it a watch. I like to think this is what Missy gets up to in her spare time.

The Whovian Diet

Welcome to my World

Hello all Doctor Who fans! Welcome to my blog which will feature many reviews and discussions of Doctor Who, spin-offs and other related material. To begin with I will be reviewing old Eighth Doctor Big Finish audios, and slowly expanding outwards. So stick around, and hopefully you’ll enjoy what you read. Please follow this blog and share the posts around! Love you long time!

Doctor Who Fan Art The Oncoming Storm